Quality Machining In-Place... Any Place in the World

On-Site Machining World-Wide

In-Place Machining Company provides on-site machining services to a wide range of industrial, scientific and military customers throughout the world. Some call what we do field machining, others refer to it as in-situ machining, portable machining, or mobile machining. Of course we call it In-Place Machining. No matter what you call it, In-Place Machining Company provides Quality Machining In-Place... Any Place in the World.

In-Place Machining Company is Fully Operational in Support of Your Critical Infrastructure

In-Place Machining Company is taking substantial steps to both keep our employees safe and provide onsite services throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. As a key supplier to many Critical Infrastructure sectors, IPM is working hard to keep our customers operational. We have been supporting our defense, power generation, paper, steel production and other industries with precision on-site machining, field measurement services, and diamond wire cutting with the same value and quality that IPM is known for all over the world.

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