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Forging & Forming

Measurement & Alignment

Bridges & Moveable Structures

CNC Machining Capabilities

Diesel Engine Machining Services Industry

Fossil/Nuclear Power Industry

On-Site Field Machining

Hydro Power Industry

Hidro Poder Industria – Español

Marine and Offshore Industry

Metals Industry

Metalstitch® Cold Cast Iron Repair

Mining and Cement Industry

Nuclear Decommissioning Industry and Underwater Test Facility

Wind Power Industry


Certification Summary

Metalock International Association Membership 2018

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Certification

American Wind Energy Association Membership

Bureau Veritas Metalstitch® & Engine Repair Certification

Canada Metalock Trademark Certification

Det Norske Veritas Engine Repair Certification

Det Norske Veritas Metalstitch® Certification

Korean Register Certification

Lloyd’s Register Engine Repair Certification

Lloyd’s Register Metalstitch® Certification – Chesapeake, VA Facility

Lloyd’s Register Metalstitch® Certification – Milwaukee, WI Facility

Lockheed Martin Certificate of Excellence

R-Stamp Pressure Vessel Welding Certification

Royal Institution of Naval Architects Certifications

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