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Aerospace Repair & Machining On-Site

Precision On-Site Field Machining & Measurement for the Aerospace Industry

  • Specialized field machining on all types of aircraft and airframes.
  • Optical, laser, and laser tracker measurement & alignment
  • Vacuum rated special machines and fixtures
  • Certified procedures and processes
  • Insurability, accountability, traceability

These are only a few of the many reasons you should select In-Place Machining Company for your next field machining, measurement & alignment, or special machine project. At In-Place Machining Company we bring our high degree of expertise, experience, and our reputation for uncompromising quality to all of our projects.

Whether you have a small airframe repair or require a vacuum compatible machine or fixture, In-Place Machining Company will work with you to keep you flying.

Next time a problem threatens your fleet, ask In-Place Machining Company to help get you back in service, In-Place… Any Place in the World.