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Marine & Offshore Industries

With Precision On-Site Field Machining Services

  • Refurbish Crankpins and Engine Main Journals w/o Major Disassembly
  • Field machining of Engine and Pump Foundations
  • Rudder Post and Pintle Bore On-Site Alignment and Machining
  • Propulsion Shaft Journals and Thrust Faces
  • Cylinder Boring and Sleeving
  • Rudder Taper Machining
  • Stern Tube and Strut Boring
  • Permanently Fix Cracks with Metalstitch® Cold Cast Iron Repair
  • Engine Crankpins and Engine Main Journals Refurbished In-Place
  • ABS, BV, DNV, Korean Register, Lloyd’s & RINA Certified
  • Certified Welding

The examples above represent only a few of the many types of field machining services that In-Place Machining Company offers our Marine and Offshore customers.

For over 35 years we have been the maritime industry’s primary source for precision on-site and on-board machining. Our skilled technicians work worldwide on-shore, off-shore, or on voyage repairs. If you are an owner, agent, insurer, shipyard operator or manufacturer, In-Place Machining Company is your reliable and dependable source for on-site field machining In-Place… Any Place In The World.