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Steel & Aluminum Producing Industries

With Precision Machining & Welding Services

  • Mill Housing Faces, Seat & Screw-Down bores machining
  • Precision Machining Services for Inter-Stand Equipment, Guide Boxes, Spray Headers & Chock Clamps
  • Gearbox Refurbishment, including Bore Welding & Machining
  • Drive Motor & Pinion Stand Alignment
  • BOF & Ladle Trunnion Planetary Machining without Rotation
  • Blast Furnace Lip Ring & Caster Slew Bearing Surfaces
  • Drive Motor & Pinion Stand Alignment
  • Optical, Laser, and Laser Tracker Measurement & Alignment
  • Coilers, Crop Shears & Edgers
  • Furnaces, BOF, EAF & Casters
  • BOF trunnion machining
  • Planetary (rotating orbital) journal machining without shaft rotation

The examples above represent only a few of the many types of precision machining services, welding, alignment & measurement that In-Place Machining Company offers our metal producing and processing customers.

In fact, In-Place Machining Company provides more on-site field machining and measurement services to the metals producing industry than any other company in the world. Our dedicated workforce of skilled engineers, machinists, welders and alignment technicians, working with our huge inventory of specialized equipment and instrumentation, make it possible for IPM to accommodate any customer requirement, from planned maintenance or modernization to emergency break-downs. And at IPM we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, most responsive, and uniquely innovative precision machining services in the industry.

Whether you have a small repair or a massive modernization project, In-Place Machining Company will work with you to minimize down-time and stretch your budget dollars. Next time a problem threatens your production, In-Place Machining Company can help get you back on-line, In-Place… Any Place in the World.