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Copper Staves Machined To Perfection!

IPM Completes Precision Onsite Part Machining

In-Place Machining Company successfully field machines complex critical components. Using precision in-house developed machine tools engineered for the application, IPM machined features on 48 new copper staves for a blast furnace at our customer’s facility.

In-Place Machining Company provided a self-contained dual station milling machine to support the alteration of two staves. simultaneously, cutting the project duration in half. The tapered surface machining was successfully completed, including uniform stock removal, surface finish requirements and to dimensional tolerances, on all 48 staves.

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About IPM
In-Place Machining Company designs and develops specialized machine tool systems, and provides precision on-site machining and measurement services to a wide range of industries including Steel & Aluminum Production; Mining & Cement Manufacturing; Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro and Wind Power Generation; Marine; Pulp & Paper Manufacturing; Petro-chemical; Infrastructure; General Manufacturing; and Scientific and Military customers. With over 80 employees in multiple locations around the USA, and perhaps the largest inventory of dedicated Onsite Machining systems in the world, In-Place Machining Company is ready to serve you In-Place… Any Place In The World.

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