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Another $20,000 Ways Safety Pays!

July 26, 2016 — In-Place Machining Company is proud that our employees have earned another $20,000 in safety bonuses. This is the second payment in accordance with a comprehensive safety program we introduced early this year. IPM is a safe, secure, and healthy place to work, and thinking about our motto “Think Safety, Work Safely” reinforces that concept.

Together with our customers and vendors we’re working hard to ensure all 100+ of us remain focused on avoiding incident or injury to ourselves, our co-workers, or our equipment. The bonus at the end of every 3 month period is only icing on the cake.

At In-Place Machining Company safety is integral to everything we think about and do. All meetings start with a safety tip and short discussion, every shift begins with a safety ‘toolbox talk’, and our weekly safety meetings are organized and led by teams of employees. Our machines include safety features such as remote wired and wireless emergency stop systems, hands-off tool feed systems, and touchscreen HMI controllers.

The purpose of our safety program is to ensure a safe working environment, and the safety incentive rewards our employees as they Think Safety and Work Safely.

Click Here for PDF of the full Press Release.

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