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In-Place Machining Company is Fully Operational

Quality Work Done Safely Means Staying Safe

In-Place Machining Company is taking substantial steps to both keep our employees safe and provide onsite services throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. As a key supplier to many Critical Infrastructure sectors, IPM is working hard to keep our customers operational. We have been supporting our defense, power generation, paper, steel production and other industries with precision on-site machining, field measurement services, and diamond wire cutting with the same value and quality that IPM is known for all over the world.

Our entire work force has taken steps to protect themselves, their colleagues, our customers, and their families during this time. These steps include minimizing air travel, limiting the number of personnel in car & trucks, modifying working hours to limit employee in person contact, and supplying employees with additional PPE. We are also following and closely monitoring the CDC recommendations and guidelines, with frequent review of our policies on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions please Contact Us or Call IPM Today at 414-562-2000.

About IPM

In-Place Machining Company is a world leader in providing precision field machining and measurement services to a wide range of industrial customers including Hydro, Fossil, Nuclear and Wind Power Generation; Steel & Aluminum Production; Marine & Offshore; Mining & Cement Manufacturing; Pulp & Paper Manufacturing; Petrochemical; Bridge & Infrastructure; General Manufacturing; and Scientific and Military customers. The company’s expertise and technological leadership comes, in part, from our ability to design and develop specialized machine tool systems with capabilities not available on the open market. With over 100 employees in multiple locations, and perhaps the largest inventory of dedicated on-site machining & measurement systems in the world, In-Place Machining Company is ready to serve you In-Place… Any Place In The World. Learn the IPM Story »

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