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In-Place Machining Company Acquires Cutting Edge Services

Cutting Edge Services Adds Diamond Wire Cutting to IPM’s Service Offerings

12/21/2018 – In-Place Machining Company, LLC has officially closed on the purchase of Cutting Edge Services (CES), a specialized diamond wire cutting services supplier, setting up a great partnership between the two companies. CES has one location in Batavia, OH and was founded and is operated by Tim and Arlene Beckman, who are excited about becoming part of the IPM family. Tim has been in this industry for decades and is truly an icon. IPM looks forward to a great partnership with the entire team at CES!

Cutting Edge Services is a specialty diamond wire cutting services, drilling and precision removal contractor, offering unique field services for concrete and metal cutting applications—both on land and undersea. Their worldwide focus markets are nuclear, hydroelectric power, locks and dams, heavy industrial, decommissioning, bridge construction and undersea pipes and platforms.

CEO and President Tim Beckman helped pioneer the first-ever construction diamond wire sawing business for North America in 1983. Cutting Edge also offers robotic demolition, hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing and specialized super-abrasive cutting of steel. Wire cutting of tube bundles and specialized pole sawing with super-abrasive blades are also available.

Diamond Wire Cutting and Drilling of Concrete & Metal

Every concrete cutting job is unique. That’s why the CES engineering team develops a coordinated, visually-delineated plan to be followed on the job site to maximize efficiency while minimizing the time needed to complete your project. The process itself eliminates vibrations, does not weaken surrounding structures, produces no dust or flying debris and yields a smooth exposed surface without overcut corners to minimize re-work in new pours.

Undersea and Bridge Pier Cutting

CES designed self-clamping, remote operated wire saws are ideal for cutting conductor pipes, platform legs and bridge piers. Whether below or above water, these saws dramatically reduce diver or operator time to set-up and execute cuts remotely. The mechanical, diver-friendly CES saws yield faster, spark-free results, making them an ideal replacement for thermal cutting methods. Additionally, they are easily converted to remote operated vehicle (ROV) use, eliminating the need for divers and generating a dramatic improvement in safety. CES undersea diamond wire saw projects also involve careful pre-engineering to determine the best cutting and removal plan to efficiently complete your undersea conductor pipes or platform legs cutting projects.

Field Machining Services Now Supported by the Batavia, OH Facility

In-Place Machining Company’s field machining, on-site alignment, and welding services are now supported by the Batavia, OH location to better support our customers. An industry pioneer, IPM is a world recognized leader in onsite precision milling, boring, drilling, and refurbishment work.

Same Commitment to Safety

Just like IPM, CES Thinks Safety and Works Safely! You can expect a high priority on safety as their team follows a written safety program that includes regular training, safety toolbox meetings and random testing for substance abuse. This practice has yielded an outstanding safety record and extremely low EMR rates.

A Partnership for the Future

We look forward to this new chapter for both IPM and CES! For more information on field machining and welding applications, Call IPM Today at 414-562-2000 or visit inplace.com. For more information on diamond wire cutting services, Call 513-388-0199 or visit cuttingedgeservices.com.

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