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IPM Combines Diamond Wire Cutting & Field Machining

Major Field Machining & Diamond Wire Cutting Project Demonstrates Our
Integrated Services

San Francisco, CA – In-Place Machining Company and Cutting Edge Services were already able to combine skill sets early in 2019 following the start of their business partnership. Together we successfully completed the harvesting of core samples for a large transit building repair project. This is an example, among many, of the “perfect fit” of services our partnership affords. Diamond Wire Cutting Services and IPM Field Machining combined together as one company for successful results for our customer.

Core Sample Extraction Through Field Machining

Fissures in the steel structure meant that samples needed to be extracted for analysis. Our engineered extraction process was designed to not alter the material properties of the existing structural steel with unique techniques specific to individual strengths of the now combined company. The samples can then be sent to an outside firm for advanced analysis to determine the best form of repair.

Together we removed several core samples without inducing heat into the parent material. For the harvesting of round test samples, IPM designed machine layouts to fit into hard to reach areas to remove specific areas of material. When harvesting large rectangular test samples, IPM set up their Field Diamond Wire Sawing equipment to saw cut samples. All machining and sawing was kept cool with the parent material staying well below the maximum permissible temperature.

Field Machining Services & Diamond Wire Cutting Available From 3 Full
Service Facilities

In-Place Machining Company’s Field Machining, alignment, and welding services are now supported by the Batavia, OH location to better support our customers, and we have now expanded our offerings to include diamond wire cutting. An industry pioneer, IPM is a world recognized leader in onsite precision milling, boring, drilling, and refurbishment work.

A Partnership for the Future

We look forward to providing even more solutions for our customers with the expanded set of technologies that our company can now integrate together. For more information on field machining and welding applications, Call IPM Today at 414-562-2000 or visit inplace.com. For more information on diamond wire cutting services, Call 513-388-0199 or visit cuttingedgeservices.com.

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