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On-Site Machining Done Right— Precision Gearbox Casing Repairs

Three Segment Gearbox Housing Refurbished by IPM On-Site

Customers in a wide range of industries have contacted In-Place Machining Company to restore their gearbox casings. We have the equipment and expertise to bring your gearbox back to OEM specifications.

Gearbox Casing Repairs

One of IPM's most recent gearbox casing repairs demonstrates our superior on-site machining services. In this 3-segment gearbox, the 3 central bores had been severely wallowed out and the welds securing the saddles to the gearbox housing had cracked.

On-Site Machining Restores Gearbox Back to OEM Condition

The customer contacted IPM uncertain that the gearbox was salvageable. Our engineers and on-site machining technicians reviewed the failure and determined that the gearbox could be restored through a combination of on-site welding and line boring services. Once welding was completed and the temperature returned to ambient we installed precision line boring equipment in the bores to be machined.

Additional measurements were taken to confirm correct line spacing.  Optics and mechanical measurements were used to ensure that proper geometry and gear mesh would be provided before on-site machining.

On-Site Line Boring Services

Each of the bearing saddles was then able to be precisely bored, counterbored and faced back into OEM specifications.

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