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About In-Place Machining Company Portable Machining Services

Precision Portable Machining Services In-Place… Any Place in the World

Portable Machining Mobe at MKE Shop -- 10-Ton Bay

In-Place Machining Company designs and develops specialized machine tool systems, and provides precision on-site portable machining services as well as optical and laser alignment and measurement to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Nuclear
  • Fossil
  • Hydro
  • Wind Power
  • Steel & Aluminum Production
  • Marine
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & Cement
  • Petro-chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • General Manufacturing
  • Scientific and Military

Our expertise also includes R-stamp certified welding, Metalstitch® cold repair of cast iron, custom engineering, and CNC shop machining.

With over 100 employees in multiple locations around the USA, and arguably the largest inventory of dedicated on-site field machining systems in the world, In-Place Machining Company is ready to serve you, our customer, In-Place… Any Place in the World. Our vast, one-of-a-kind inventory of specialized portable machining tools gives us capabilities unparalleled in the industry. While other field machining companies utilize out-of-the box, widely available components, our unique and expansive fleet of heavy duty, yet modular machine tools, in combination with our custom engineering capabilities and superior work force, combine to give us the ability to support jobs that few others can.

Countless noteworthy portable machining projects completed over our 50 years of operation include on-site repair at Hoover Dam; Hydro Tasmania; the US 84 Mississippi River Bridge; and Milwaukee’s Miller Park—to name just a few.  IPM has appeared in numerous publications, including CNN Money Magazine. Their feature article, The Machinists Who Make House Calls, profiles In-Place Machining Company and provides a detailed account of the Miller Stadium movable roof project.

Our Future

In-Place Machining Company is growing rapidly, in both size and depth. To enhance our portable machining capabilities, In-Place Machining Company continues to invest in new equipment, machine tools, and new technology. More staff & field machinists are being added on an on-going basis, and we continue to develop new innovative machining and safety equipment to better serve our customer’s needs.

Recently IPM more than doubled our Chesapeake, VA facility with an additional 7,500 sq. ft. The expanded facility accommodates additional on-site machining technicians to better serve our East Coast customers. Read our recent News Release covering our Virginia Facility Expansion!

Our People

IPM is growing, and we look to hire the best employees to support our needs. In-Place Machining Company is a customer driven company offering specialized portable machining services and technology, and as a result we work in a fast moving, exciting, and at times stressful environment. A successful candidate will enjoy working in this unique job at a service driven company that specializes in solving one-of-a-kind problems for our customers.

Visit our Careers Page to view current open positions, learn more and apply.

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