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Crankshaft Repair and Machining

In-Place Crankshaft Repair and Machining

In-Place Machining Company has been serving our customer’s needs with complete voyage and non-voyage Crankshaft Repair services in-situ for over 35 years. Whether your engine is land based, or aboard a vessel, In-Place Machining Company will provide custom equipment and expert technicians to restore your crankshaft to working order. Our technicians travel to domestic and international ports of call, board the vessel with our equipment, and make repairs while the vessel is berthed, or en route to the next port of call. Our logistics department works directly with vessel owners and agents to coordinate loading and offloading of equipment.

Our extensive Crankshaft Repair Capabilities include:

  • Initial inspection of crankpin bearing journals and main bearing journals
  • Non-Destructive Detection/Magnetic Particle Inspection to identify cracks
  • Hardness testing
  • Peen Straightening
  • On-Site Machining, Grinding, and Honing and Superfinishing of Crankpin and Main Bearing Journals
  • Annealing/Portable Heat Treating to remove hard spots and heat damage
  • Machining of Counterweight Mounting Surfaces and other miscellaneous repairs
  • Repairing main bearing bores by welding, sleeving, and machining operations
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