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Diamond Wire Cutting On-Site

Diamond Wire Cutting and Drilling of Concrete & Metal

Through our partnership with Cutting Edges Services IPM now offers specialty diamond wire cutting, drilling and precision removal services. Unique field services for concrete and metal cutting applications—both on land and undersea. Our worldwide markets include:

  • Nuclear Power
  • Hydro Power
  • Locks and Dams
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Bridge Construction
  • Undersea Pipes and Platforms

Every concrete cutting job is unique. That’s why our engineering team develops a coordinated, visually-delineated plan to be followed on the job site to maximize efficiency while minimizing the time needed to complete your project. Concrete cutting typically employs the pull method of diamond wire saw cutting, where the diamond wire is threaded through a hole drilled at the top and bottom of the structure and guided through it via a series of pulleys. The diamond wire cutting process itself eliminates vibrations, does not weaken surrounding structures, produces no dust or flying debris and yields a smooth exposed surface without overcut corners to minimize re-work in new pours. Watch the Video

How it Works

  • Our team of engineers develops CAD schematics to pre-plan each cut and direct the work on-site in a specific order.
  • The diamond wire cutting system is the key to the process of cutting heavy, concrete structures.
  • The primary hydraulic motor with direct mounted wire saw wheel moves along a track guided by a hydraulic-driven rack-and-pinion drive.
  • When powered by one of our 50 horsepower power units, the diamond wire cuts cross-sectional areas at a rate of 1–3 square meters per hour.
  • To filter out heavy solids, we’ve designed a proprietary water-slurry recycling filtration system with upper and lower drums connected to an air-operated diaphragm pump.

Additional Cutting & Demolition Services

We also offer robotic demolition, hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing and specialized super-abrasive cutting of steel. Wire cutting of tube bundles and specialized pole sawing with super-abrasive blades are also available.

For more information on diamond wire cutting, Call 513-388-0199 or visit CuttingEdgeServices.com.

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