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Field Machining Services

On-Site Field Machining & Measurement Services

In-Place Machining Company has the experience you need for specialized field machining services for a wide range of industrial, scientific, and military customers throughout the world. The field machining services listed below are our specialties and represent our core experience during our over 50 years of operation — nevertheless our capabilities expand far beyond this. Call IPM Today at 414.562.2000 to discover the advantage of working with an industry pioneer.

Field Machining Services - Turbine Joint Machining

Field Machining On-Site

Field machining services are In-Place Machining Company’s specialty, providing high precision specialized services to a wide range of customers throughout the world. IPM’s experienced team of technical representatives, custom machine tool design engineers, project managers, and field machinists work together to provide the best solution to your field machining and refurbishment needs. Learn more →

Alignment & Measurment Services for Field Machining

On-Site Alignment & Measurement

With conceivably the largest and most diverse assortment of laser/optical alignment and measurement instrumentation, IPM is able to guarantee precise location, orientation and size measurements before, during, and after our machining operations. Learn more →

Crankshaft Repair & Machining

Crankshaft Repair & Machining

Whether your engine is land based, or aboard a vessel, In-Place Machining Company will provide custom equipment and expert technicians to restore your crankshaft to working order. Learn more →

Custom Engineering & Design for Field Machining

Engineering & Design

In-Place Machining Company’s engineers work with our customers to fully define the work scope of the project and to identify various repair methods. IPM’s expertise and technological leadership comes, in part, from our ability to design and develop specialized machine tool systems with capabilities not available on the open market. Learn more →

Field Machining Line Boring CAT Engine On-Site

Line Boring Services On-Site

IPM has performed line boring projects as simple as machining one damaged or worn bore with respect to another non-damaged bore that may have been completed by one or two technicians in under a shift. It can also be extremely complex requiring extensive engineering layouts, design and manufacture of multiple custom boring bar systems. Learn more →

On-Site Welding

On-Site Welding

In-Place Machining Company is also a leader in the mobile welding industry specializing in R-Stamp Certified On-Site Welding – another key aspect of our on-site field machining services. Learn more →

CNC Machining Services

Precision CNC Machining

In-Place Machining Company offers a wide range of high precision, quick turnaround CNC machining services. Our modern 100,000 sq. ft. machining and assembly facility includes a variety of horizontal and vertical spindle machine tools. Learn more →