IPM Completes Threaded Hole Repair in Forge Ram Press a Full One Day Ahead Schedule

Utilizing New Portable 4-Axis CNC Thread Milling Machine Provides Reduction in Machining Time and Significant Job Cost Reduction

Category: Forging & Metal Forming

Method(s) Used: On-Site Machining

Location: Indiana

During a recent forging press outage, In-Place Machining Company (IPM) was asked to provide repair services to two M48x3 holes in the bedplate and two inverted M78x4 holes in the ram of the press. IPM utilized its new portable 4-axis CNC thread milling machine onsite and mobilized the team after meticulous planning and process testing to ensure the project stayed on track. As a result, IPM completed the repairs, thread milling, and high-precision machining within the required 9-day shutdown schedule with both time and cost savings for the customer.

The Right Tool For The Job

IPM’s new portable 4-axis CNC thread milling machine allows for fast and efficient on-site removal of damaged hardware and precision threading with demanding applications. It can be mounted in any orientation including in an inverted position and in areas with very tight clearance.

The IPM CNC thread milling machine is built specifically for precise and accurate milling and threading large holes – over 2” and without a need for mockups, guide bushings, large taps, and additional tooling. Using this innovative equipment provided 30-40% reduction in machining time per hole and a 50-60% overall job cost reduction. Additionally, its portability allows for expedited job site mobilization.

The new CNC thread milling machine is an excellent addition to IPM’s portfolio of equipment and processes to meet high-capacity and high-precision drilling, boring, and tapping with stringent requirements.


  • Machining to remove two inverted M78x4 threaded inserts from a press ram.
  • Inspect and repair existing threads as needed for the installation of threaded inserts.
  • Machine two new holes M48x3 x 72mm deep in bedplate.




  • Threaded inserts had to be removed from an upside-down/inverted overhead surface of a press ram.
  • Only 48” of clearance from the ram to the bedplate.
  • Quick turnaround time required – within a 9-day plant shutdown.
  • Supplier of the hardened bedplate failed to drill and tap the holes requiring IPM to re-tap and correct.

Solutions & Results

  • Utilized new portable CNC thread milling machine and mounted it in an inverted position with tight clearance in a confined space to remove damaged threaded inserts from the press ram.
  • Once the ram stage was completed, the machine was moved to its upright position to drill and tap new threaded holes in the bedplate.
  • Completed threaded hole repair one day ahead of schedule and well within the 9-day outage timeframe.
  • Customer saved on project costs due to precision and speed of repairs, equipment efficiency, and meticulous planning.

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