Field Machining Repair to Canada’s Largest Icebreaker

In-Place Machining Company Performs Challenging On-Site Field Machining Repair to Canada’s Largest Icebreaker

Category: Marine

Method(s) Used: Field Machining

Location: Lévis, Quebec

Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Louis St. Laurent was restored to service thanks in part to In-Place Machining Company’s on-site field machining and on-site measurement & alignment of multiple steering system components. IPM was tasked with refurbishing the (3) rudder tapered pintle pin bores, (3) gudgeon bores, rudder stock bearing journal, and the doubling deck flange face.

Field Machining Repair to Canada's Largest Ice Breaker

The Challenge

While the 47 year old icebreaker was in drydock for refit, the rudder and pintle pins were removed. However, the rudder stock was fixtured to the ram type steering gear in such a manner that it was impractical to disassemble.

Precision Measurement & Field Machining

With all parts remaining at the drydock, (and some remaining installed on the vessel), IPM measured each component separately. Using a combination of optical bore scopes, laser measurement devices, inclinometers, and a host of mechanical instrumentation, IPM correlated all parts and devised a repair plan.

Based on the stock inspections the support journal was machined undersize with IPM’s planetary method to the correct centerline of the upper portion of the stock while the stock remained installed in the ship. Using specialty machining equipment designed and manufactured by IPM, we successfully machined all precision features to within specification. During assembly, all rudder components installed correctly on first trial.


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