IPM Doubles Client’s Machining Capacity On-Site

Partnership with In-Place Machining Company Wins Client Large Contract

Category: Structure & Bridges

Method(s) Used: On-Site Machining

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI – By contributing technicians and machine tools, In-place Machining Company, Inc. was recently able to effectively double a client’s current large-diameter VTL turning capacity – temporarily, without substantial capital outlay, and under their own roof.

Unique Solutions to Demanding Jobs

By partnering with IPM, the client was able to pursue – and was awarded – a large contract to make hook fit and seal modifications on a total of 29 HP, IP, and LP steam turbine diaphragms ranging in size from 050″ to 086″ I.D. The client’s current capacity would not have allowed them to perform this work in the timeframe required. With IPM experienced machinists and equipment, the work was completed to the required strict technical and scheduling requirements. The customer was able to maintain their own quality system surveillance during the machining of these components – which would have been more difficult if they had been sent to an outside vendor.

Any Place in the World

Are you considering bidding on a contract that is above your current capacity? Contact IPM today to discuss how we can vastly expand your current machining capacity – virtually overnight and without expensive capital outlay. Whether your facility is in our backyard of Milwaukee, WI or halfway around the world, IPM has the equipment and technicians to allow you to complete those projects that might be beyond your current reach.

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Time and time again, IPM customers are able to complete profitable projects by drawing upon our decades of experience and a vast fleet of equipment.

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