On-Site Turbine Repair at Major Power Plant Keeps the Lights On

IPM Completes Major Turbine Repair & Refurbishment Project at a Steam Electric Generating Station in Arizona

Category: Thermal Power

Method(s) Used: On-Site Machining

Location: Arizona

In-Place Machining Company helped keep the lights on in Arizona with precision on-site machining critical components of a steam turbine repair. The Field Machining job consisted of Laser Tracker Measurement, Milling, and Line Boring of a 12′ x 20′ split joint on an HP – IP turbine outer shell.

Major Turbine Repair At Generating Station Keeps the Lights On

Unique Solutions to Demanding Jobs

The split joint machining was completed with one machine tool setup custom designed and manufactured internally by IPM’s engineers and machinists. This unique approach reduced the project duration, improved accuracy, and created a safer work environment. The successfully completed repair is another perfect example of IPM’s expert field machining, custom machine tool design, and high precision measurement services.

On-Site Line Boring Services & Final Inspection

After milling, the tight tolerance bore features in the interior of the casing were no longer round since material had been removed from the split line. Therefore, on-site line boring was required after milling. Finally, IPM’s Laser Tracker was again used to verify after-machined condition.

New Company Expansion Across North America

With our recent expansion into the West Coast, Ohio, and Canada, IPM now has 5 regional locations in North America to better serve you. Our vast one-of-a-kind inventory of specialized portable machining tools gives us capabilities unparalleled in the industry. While other field machining companies utilize out-of-the box, widely available components, our unique and expansive fleet of heavy duty, yet modular machine tools, in combination with our custom engineering capabilities and superior workforce, combine to give us the ability to support jobs that few others can.

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