In-Place Machining Company Wins CSDA Award for Nuclear Decommissioning of Crystal River Nuclear Plant

IPM’s commitment to innovation and safety was evident from the initial in-house testing to the seamless execution onsite.


Read more on the Award-Winning Decommissioning Project as published in Concrete Openings.


February 2024 | Milwaukee, WIIn-Place Machining Company (IPM) has won the prestigious Industrial Renovation Award from the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) for its innovative dismantlement of the Crystal River Nuclear Plant (CR3), using diamond wire cutting techniques and precision onsite services.

IPM’s award-winning decommissioning project is featured in CSDA’s official magazine, Concrete Openings, and showcases the trade organization’s mission to raise the cutting & drilling industry’s standards since 1972. CSDA awards the winning project that earns top points in the categories of pre-planning, use of innovation, degree of difficulty, and quality requirements. Read more on the featured Decommissioning project.

IPM was contracted by Orano to design, build, test, deliver, and provide onsite services for a Multi-Purpose Reactor Vessel (MPRV) Work Platform system. The delivered solution was specifically designed to support the industry-first execution of Orano’s Optimized Segmentation process, as well as the packaging and disposal of the Crystal River Unit 3 Reactor Vessel and Reactor Vessel Internals.

Sebastien Guillot, VP of Operations of Orano Decommissioning Services, noted IPM’s diamond wire expertise as a key contributor to the project’s success: “When executing an industry-first process such as our Optimized Segmentation of the CR3 reactor vessel, we help ensure success by partnering with highly qualified companies like IPM, with their proven skills and technology for engineering and performing complex and unique diamond wire sawing operations.”

CSDA commended IPM for not only designing and delivering a cutting-edge solution, but also for executing the project with precision and finesse. IPM’s commitment to innovation and safety was evident from the rigorous testing of components to the seamless execution onsite.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, In-Place Machining Company provides one-source expert solutions for decommissioning projects through its integrated Machining Services Division and Measurement & Alignment Services Division. IPM customers benefit from its combined expertise in precision onsite and shop machining, large-scale cutting and drilling, highly accurate dimensional metrology, and expert machine alignment.


Read more on the Award-Winning Decommissioning Project as published in Concrete Openings.



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