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Large Scale Cutting & Drilling

Cutting Edge Services Is Now a Division of In-Place Machining Company



Whether cutting tendons, segmenting floating bridges or removing bridge piers, our diamond wire solutions are second to none. Our self-clamping, remote operated underwater wire saws set up in minutes, not hours.

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Our specialized diamond wire saws have been cutting AAR slots in dams, removing discharge rings and cutting stators for over 15 years.

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Heavy Industrial

CE diamond wire saws have been flush cutting motor pads in paper mills and industrial plants for over 15 years.  Smooth cuts to floors allow safe walkways when complete or expedite preparations for new pads.

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Cutting Edge developed the first North American underwater diamond wire saw in 2005.  Since then we have deployed over 60 self-clamping, remote operated saws, ranging in size from 6 inches to 8 feet.

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Cutting Edge Services is the recognized leader in segmenting steam generators, with 14 SG’s diamond wire cut in the past 15 years.  We have also flush cut hot and cold legs to bottom of vessels, segmented fuel racks and made numerous cuts in RCS heavy wall stainless piping.

Our systems are remote operated and work with limited water misting.  Drilling and wire sawing of bioshield walls and other heavy concrete sections are part of our services.

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Diamond Wire Cutting, Drilling and Precision Removal on Land and Undersea


Diamond Wire Concrete & Metal Cutting

Every concrete cutting job is unique. That’s why our engineering team develops a coordinated, visually-delineated plan to be followed on the job site to maximize efficiency while minimizing completion time.

Component Segmentation

We have cut several steam generators and related heavy components over the past twelve years. As we continue to innovate changes in diamond wire cutting, the efficiency of SG segmentation is rapidly growing.

Underwater Cutting

No two metal cutting projects are the same. But whether the project involves slicing metal tanks above ground, or cleaving conductor pipes or platform legs undersea, the diamond wire cutting process is ideal.

Specialty Drilling, Cutting & Robotic Demolition

We specialize in developing unique solutions for unusual drilling, cutting, and robotic demolition. Including intricate drilling, mechanical penetrations new or existing facilities, and demolition robots for hazardous working environments.

Field Machining Services

Our experienced team of technical representatives, custom machine tool design engineers, project managers, and field machinists work together to provide the best solution to your on-site machining and refurbishment needs.

Consulting Services

With over 40 years of construction management experience our consulting services team focuses on complete project management from initial engineering, planning, and technical support to the completion of any cutting/drilling job.

Offering Customers Exceptional Value, Safety and Performance

We are a specialty diamond wire cutting, drilling and precision removal contractor, offering unique field services for concrete and metal cutting applications—both on land and undersea. Our worldwide focus markets are nuclear, hydro, locks and dams, heavy industrial, decommissioning, bridge construction and undersea pipes and platforms. 

Diamond wire sawing and core drilling are our primary areas of expertise. CEO and President Tim Beckman helped pioneer the first-ever construction diamond wire sawing business for North America in 1983. Cutting Edge also offers robotic demolition,  hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing and specialized super-abrasive cutting of steel. Wire cutting of tube bundles and specialized pole sawing with super-abrasive blades are also available. 

When you work with Cutting Edge Services, you can count on complete project management from initial engineering, planning and technical support of your cutting job to turnkey cutting, drilling, rigging and removal. Specialized recycling of water and slurry waste is included in projects with environmental sensitivity. We also sell equipment and technical services to support projects around the globe.

Additionally, you can expect a high priority on safety. Our team follows a written safety program that includes regular training, safety toolbox meetings and random testing for substance abuse. This practice has yielded an outstanding safety record and extremely low EMR rates. 

Your inquiries are always welcome. We look forward to planning and conducting your next heavy concrete cutting, metal cutting or specialty drilling project.

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