Trust In-Place Machining Company With Your Critical Assets

Our clients rely on the the specialized services and engineered industrial machining services that only IN-PLACE machining can provide. Designed and built by In-Place Machining Company, we maintain the world’s largest dedicated inventory of advanced, high precision on-site machining systems. Whether you have a small repair or a massive modernization project, In-Place Machining Company will help get you back on-line, In-Place… Any Place in the World.


Machining Services For All Industrial Applications

In-Place Machining Company has the experience you need for specialized industrial machining services for a wide range of renewable energy, aerospace, industrial, and military customers throughout the world. We service nearly all industrial applications requiring high precision onsite repair.

Quality Work Done Safely... It's In Everything We Do

Working safely protects employees, equipment, customers, customer assets, and vendors

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