New Fabrication of Dam Components Assisted by IPM’s Close Tolerance Machining

Category: Bridges & Structures

Method(s) Used: On-Site Machining

Location: Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest— In-Place Machining Co. was recently contracted by Thompson Metal Fab in Vancouver, WA to perform precision machining on two large closure leaf assemblies for use at the McNary Dam, which allows for the passing of migrating juvenile salmon. These massive leaves are approximately 17′ high by 53′ wide and weigh approximately 120,000 lbs. The close tolerance requirements required for the guide rollers, lock pins, and lifting lugs necessitated machining after fabrication had been completed, and the leaves were much too large to fit on routine shop machining equipment.

Thompson Metal Fab called upon the expertise and unique abilities of In-Place Machining Company to help in close tolerance on-site machining of these specialized components. Through collaboration between TMF and IPM, the team was able to complete the project on time, on budget, and with all features to print.

IPM’s Innovative On-Site Machining “Leafs” Nothing to Chance

Project Documentation

Precision Optical Inspection & Alignment

IPM used precision optical telescope alignment technology to accurately set and measure the co-axiality and parallelism of the (6) guide wheels to within 0.010″. The bore machining was also tightly controlled, holding a size tolerance of +0.0012″ – 0″ using custom-designed micro-adjust boring heads.

About Thompson Metal Fab

Thompson Metal Fab is a heavy structural steel and plate fabricator in Vancouver, Washington. Their facility has over 300,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space in addition to a 15-acre yard for assembly and fit-up. They have access to the Pacific Ocean via their deep-water port on the Columbia River, as well as ground, rail, and air access. They are AISC certified to multiple categories, in addition to ASME and API certified (4F-0087). Through those certifications, they serve the following markets: Marine & Hydro, Bridge, Oil & Gas, Tanks/Vessels, Modular/Structural. Visit the Thompson Metal Fab website to learn more about their wide range of capabilities.

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