In-Place Machining Company has been serving the Fossil & Nuclear Power industry for over 40 years.

Power Plant Repair Services

Whether you have a small repair or a massive modernization project, In-Place Machining Company will work with you to minimize downtime and stretch your budget dollars. Next time a problem threatens your power generating capabilities, In-Place Machining Company can help get you back on-line, In-Place… Any Place in the World.

Thermal Power Industry Overview

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Our Extensive Capabilities

Power plants are a prime example of an industry requiring the specialized services that only on-site precision machining can provide. Whether it be an emergency situation or a planned outage, power plants world-wide rely on the expert service and experience of In-Place Machining Company. IPM has designed, built, and now maintains the world’s largest dedicated inventory of specialized on-site field machining systems.

  • Power Plant Turbine and Generator Repair Services
  • Precision Machining: Refurbish Bearing Journals, Thrust Faces, and Hydrogen Seals
  • Planetary Machining (rotating orbital) without Shaft Rotation
  • Portable Lathes
  • Turbine, Generator and Pump Case Boring
  • Turbine and Generator Rotor Bore Honing, Over Boring, & Bottle Boring
  • Foundation and Sole Plate Machining
  • Turbine Case Horizontal Joint Machining & Lapping
  • Stud Removal and Hole Repair (Machining and/or EDM)
  • Flange Machining, Pipe Cutting and Prepping
  • Valve Repair and Valve Seat Removal / Installation
  • Seal strip machining
  • R-Stamp Certified Pressure Vessel Welding
  • Metalstitch® Cold Cast Iron Repair
  • Complete Outage Support with On-Site Machine Shops
  • Optical, Coupling, Laser, and Laser Tracker Measurement & Alignment
  • Diamond Wire Cutting Services

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