IPM provides Robotic Demolition Services to complement our expertise in large scale diamond wire cutting and drilling. Robotic demolition equipment is well suited for the downsizing and removal of large concrete sections. We offer state of the art robotic demolition equipment and experienced technicians to perform the work safely and efficiently.

Robotic Demolition Services

Remotely controlled demolition robots have become increasingly popular to protect operators from hazardous working environments and improve the efficiency of concrete removal. Robotic demolition equipment is advantageous in many aspects of demolition, including removal of foundations, floors, walls and elevated decks.

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Our Extensive Capabilities

We have the expertise to provide the right robotic demolition solution utilizing a variety of available robot sizes to meet your specific project needs.

  • Penstock Penetrations through Dams
  • Hydro Discharge Ring Removals
  • Paper Mill Foundations & Tanks
  • Nuclear Reactor Pedestals
  • Steel Mill Motor Pedestals
  • Large Chimney Stack Demolition

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