IPM Completes Trunnion Rehab & Rack Installation for St. Lucie River Bridge Through Expert Project Planning

Combining Highly Engineered Field Machining, 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering for a Successful Infrastructure Repair

Category: Bridges & Moveable Structures

Method(s) Used: On-Site Machining

Location: Stuart, Florida

In-Place Machining Company completed an integrated repair solution, combining precision alignment and field machining on a single-track railroad bridge to replace the machinery and its drive mechanisms and provide a long-term 10-year fix.

The Right Team for the Job

This engineering-focused solution allowed the bridge to operate safely and reliably while a replacement dual-track was designed and installed adjacently. Critical to the project was the meticulous project planning to manage a very tight schedule with various players having interconnecting roles. Field machining consisted of machining (4) trunnion journals to precise diameter, location, and finish. Precision machining of surfaces where old meets new was also critical. As a result, “IPM brought the right plan, the right tools, the right crew, and the right attitude.” (Customer Quote).

Project Scope

  • Precision Field Machining
  • Large-Scale Hole Cutting
  • Reverse Engineering – 3D scanning
  • Precision Alignments – Laser Tracker
  • Collaborative Project Planning and Engineering Between
    IPM Machining and Measurement & Alignment Divisions


  • Complexity of the project required extensive planning over a 16-month period preceding the outage.
  • Trains were required to run throughout the outage (repairs must not disrupt normal operations).
  • Environmental challenges given the heat and weather in Florida just before hurricane season.
  • As-found condition of the nearly 100-year-old bridge was a major challenge.


  • Developed a plan to measure, align, and install equipment during a 21-day outage.
  • 3D model to assist engineering with an accurate representation of the as-found structure — Expertise and Services provided by Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company.
  • Concrete Core Drilling expertise to drill through the counterweight — Expertise and Services provided by IPM’s Ohio Diamond Wire Cutting crew.

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