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Underwater Metal & Concrete Cutting

Underwater cutting requires sophisticated saw systems necessary to handle unique environmental challenges. Whether the project requires shallow cuts utilizing diver assistance or deeper cuts requiring the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV), we have the best solutions for your needs.

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Since the development of our original underwater saw system in 2005, we have designed and deployed over 50 different saw systems to meet specific customer requirements for operations up to 2,000 feet deep.

The mechanical, diver-friendly remote-operated saw yield faster, spark-free results, making them an ideal replacement for thermal cutting methods. Vibration-free, the saws produce smooth cut edges. Additionally, they are easily converted to remotely operated vehicle (ROV) use, eliminating the need for divers, and generating a dramatic improvement in safety.

  • Dozens of submerged platform structures
  • Bridge piles up to 8’ diameter
  • Propeller shafts for ocean vessels
  • BOP segmentation under the arctic ice
  • Undersea transmission cables

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