In-Place Machining Company Serves the Pulp and Paper Industry with Bearing Journal Machining

Category: Industrials — Paper

Method(s) Used: Journal Repair

Location: Michigan

In-Place Machining Company once again demonstrated technical excellence and a commitment to service with a recent Yankee Dryer Bearing tapered journal repair at a Michigan paper mill. The customer contacted IPM after discovering a bearing failure in one of their 18’ diameter Yankee Dryers had caused deep scoring of the tapered journal, thus rendering the machine inoperable.

IPM Performs Emergency Yankee Dryer Bearing Journal Repair

In-Place Machining Company Serves the Pulp and Paper Industry

IPM engineers, technicians, and project managers immediately began technical and logistical planning and equipment mobilization. With its vast inventory of equipment and decades of experience, IPM was able to quickly identify and gather a range of on-site technologies needed to restore the journal’s precision taper, including precision measurement, crack detection, pre-machining without rotating the dryer, flame spray material build-up, and precision finish-machining & grinding. As an added twist, IPM had repaired the same journal in 1982 using earlier versions of the Company’s bearing journal machining and portable flame spray equipment.

On-Site Journal Repair

Once on site IPM technicians worked around the clock restoring the Yankee Dryer bearing journal. They first inspected the journal, then mounted and aligned an IPM developed machine tool system that allows for high accuracy single point turning without rotating the Dryer. The bearing journal machining continued until all damage was removed, including the metal spray that IPM applied almost 40 years earlier. IPM’s high capacity drive system was then installed and used to rotate the Yankee Dryer during the portable flame spray process, which was required to restore the journal to its OEM condition.

IPM then completed all required journal machining & grinding, achieving final dimensions, surface finish, and overall geometry that met or exceeded OEM specifications.

Expert Field Machining & Portable Flame Spray for Emergency Repair and Planned Maintenance

The next time your Yankee Dryer or other paper mill equipment needs repair, maintenance, or refurbishment, call In-Place Machining at 414.562.2000 us get you back on-line quickly and economically.

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