Skilled technicians are available for emergency work and for scheduled outages. They travel throughout the world utilizing specially designed portable machines to accomplish work expertly and economically.

On-Site Machining For The Forging & Metal Forming Industries

Our experienced workforce of skilled engineers, machinists, welders, and alignment technicians, work with our extensive inventory of specialized equipment and instrumentation to make it possible for IPM to perform repairs expertly on forge shop hammers, stamping and forming presses, press brakes, shears, and other equipment where problems exist due to normal usage or accident. Practically all of these problems can be rectified on-site.

Serving The Forging & Forming Industry

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Working safely protects employees, equipment, customers, customer assets, and vendors

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Our Extensive Capabilities

Forge shops have learned to depend on the expertise and quality work IPM provides for solutions to problems with forge shop machinery. The work is primarily performed on-site but on occasion in one of our full-service shops.

  • Machine All Drops on Hammer Bases
  • Restore Sow Block Pockets
  • Machine Guideways
  • Machine “T” Slots
  • Weld or Metalstitch® Cracks
  • Bore & Sleeve Shaft Bearing Housings
  • Complete Hammer & Press Alignment Services
  • Laser Align Drive Couplings
  • Machine Shear Beds and Rams
  • Weld & Machine Shear Knife Pockets
  • Replace Wear Plates
  • Refurbish Shaft Journals
  • Steam Cylinder Repairs

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