Journal Repair Challenge Solved by IPM

Bearing Journal Repair Brings Industrial Vacuum Drum Filter Back to Life

Category: Industrials – Paper/Packaging

Method(s) Used: On-Site Bearing Journal Machining

Location: On-Site and in IPM Milwaukee Shop

A customer in the paper converting industry contacted In-Place Machining Company to consider machining a Ø34″ x 22″ long bearing journal and seal packing area on a vacuum drum filter which separates solids from liquids. When IPM technicians arrived on-site to inspect the damage, it quickly became obvious that this would not be a quick machine and polish job. The damage was so severe that it was not clear whether the journal could be salvaged.

Journal Repair Challenge Solved by IPM

Highly Engineered Solutions

IPM engineers immediately set to work designing an on-site bearing journal repair solution while working with the customer to provide a solution that would quickly bring the unit back on line while also promising maximum longevity. The repair that was settled upon was to machine away the damaged material and install a large diameter sleeve.

Integrated On-Site and Shop Machining

While technicians were on-site machining the damaged journal to prepare for installation of the sleeve, a custom press-fit repair sleeve was manufactured at the IPM machine shop in Milwaukee, WI. When the sleeve arrived at the site, IPM technicians heated it using our automated temperature control resistance heating system. IPM technicians followed a carefully planned procedure, the sleeve was installed, secured, and allowed to cool.

When the sleeve had cooled, the O.D. was machined to final size and geometry and the drum filter was placed back into service in a matter of days after first arriving on site. This project’s short schedule was made possible by the close communication and careful planning between IPM and the customer.

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