IPM Featured in HNTB Designer Magazine for Bridge Project

IPM’s Field Machining on the U.S. 84 Mississippi River Bridge is Recognized

Category: Infrastructure

Method(s) Used: Field Machining

Location: Mississippi

In-Place Machining Company was recently featured in HNTB Designer Magazine — a publication of the infrastructure leader HNTB Corporation — for our work on the U.S. 84 Mississippi River Bridge pin-and-link replacement project. Read the Article “New Life for an Old Span” Here about IPM’s field machining contribution to the project.

IPM Featured in HNTB Magazine

Precision Alignment & Onsite Machining

Working around the clock, In-Place Machining Company’s field machining technicians were responsible for precisely locating and aligning the new link arm bores and the high tolerance machining of the pin bores.

Custom Machine Tools

On-site work was performed using specialty machining equipment and alignment fixtures designed, engineered and manufactured by In-Place Machining Company.

Leaders in Infrastructure Machining

Bridge & Structure customers have learned to depend on the expertise and quality work we provide for solutions to their problems. The work is performed on-site or in our full service shop.

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