IPM Sets Another Industry Record

17 ft. Planetary Machine is World’s Largest

Category: Industrials – Mining/Cement

Method(s) Used: Field Machining

Location: Texas

In-Place Machining Company established another industry first by successfully refurbishing a 197” diameter ball mill journal without major disassembly and without rotating the mill body.

197” dia. Bearing Journal Refurbishment

Refurbishes Bearing Journal Without Rotating the Mill

Once again IPM responded to industry demands for shorter outages and reduced maintenance spending with a unique on-site machining solution. The supersized system is In-Place Machining Company’s latest addition to over 100 single point tooling, milling, grinding and honing systems based on planetary technology developed and perfected by the Company.

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Even more noteworthy is the fact that IPM’s highly skilled MSHA trained technicians completed the precision repair in a remarkably short 11 days. Completion of this project further demonstrates that In-Place Machining Company is committed to providing leading on-site machining solutions to our mining, military, and industrial customers worldwide.

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In-Place Machining Company designs and develops specialized machine tool systems, and provides precision on-site machining and measurement services to a wide range of industries including Mining & Cement Manufacturing; Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro and Wind Power Generation; Steel & Aluminum Production; Marine; Pulp & Paper Manufacturing; Petro-chemical; Infrastructure; General Manufacturing; and Scientific and Military customers. With over 100 employees in multiple locations around the USA, and perhaps the largest inventory of dedicated on-site machining systems in the world, In-Place Machining Company is ready to serve you In-Place… Any Place In The World.

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