Wastewater Plant Sewer Removal

Very few people enjoy really dirty work. But a job in Louisville, Kentucky required special people who did not mind doing something a little dirty and unique to get the project finished. Special equipment with a number of capabilities were necessary, including IPM’s proprietary Diamond Wire Cutting systems.

Project Documentation

The Problem

The Morris Forman Wastewater Plant required reconstruction on a sewer line. The project consisted of updating “live” sewer lines, striving to make more efficient pump systems at an upgraded headworks facility.

The Solution

The first step of this tremendous project was to make three separate cuts on each of two 72-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipes using modular IPM wire saws. On each of these pipes, a two-inch gap was made at the bottom between the junction box floor and the pipe’s underside, making enough room for the diamond wire. Mid-cuts were also made to reduce weight and ease removal. The saw and configuration of the pulleys allowed the cut to be made in “one stroke.”

The Results

A total of only 3 technicians were responsible for wire cutting. Additionally, a part-time crane operator and rigging man were on the job. Although the numbers were low, each man had a specialty to provide a unique solution to this project. The skill of the wire saw operators was the key to the cutting phase. They had to make good connections, run wire saw at safe speed and direction, stop to check the condition of wire, place shims in the cut line, and taper the cut to facilitate removal. The project at the Wastewater Plant was precisely on time while providing considerable savings over conventional methods.

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