How It Works

First, we meticulously detail the unique demands of your large scale cutting or drilling process. The diamond-wire cutting system is the key to the process of cutting heavy concrete and metal structures. We utilize proprietary state of art all-electric wire saw and core drilling systems, as well as standard hydraulic systems. To filter out heavy solids, we’ve designed a proprietary water-slurry recycling system to greatly reduce water volume and secondary waste.


Large Scale Cutting, Drilling, Robotic Demolition & More

In-Place Machining Company is a specialty large scale cutting and drilling contractor. We offer unique field services for highly complex concrete and metal cutting applications—both on land and undersea. Our worldwide focus markets are nuclear, hydro, locks & dams, heavy industrial, decommissioning, bridges, marine and offshore. We helped pioneer the first-ever construction diamond wire sawing business for North America in 1983. We also offer robotic demolition, hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing, and specialized super-abrasive cutting of steel. We have unparalleled experience in wire cutting nuclear steam generators and large heat exchangers.

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