Unique field services for steel and other metal cutting applications—both on land & undersea, worldwide.

Steel & Metal Diamond Wire Cutting

No two steel/metal wire cutting projects are the same. Whether the project involves slicing metal tanks above ground, cleaving conductor pipes, or platform legs undersea, the diamond wire cutting process is an effective solution.

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We are the North American leader in large scale steel and metal cutting, with 40 years of experience utilizing proprietary diamond wire systems designed to handle the most extensive and challenging cuts.

  • 18 Steam Generators segmented for nuclear decommissioning
  • Hundreds of undersea pipes and structures
  • Large steel beams up to W96 (8’ beam height)
  • Hydro Runner Shafts
  • Large Scale Turbine Shafts
  • Copper slag
  • Nuclear Reactor Vessel Heads
  • Nuclear Reactor Vessel Internals
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Steel Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Cast Iron Structures
  • Electric Generator Rotors & Stators

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